Purble place скачать бесплатно для windows 10

Download Purble Place and Play on Windows 10

Kids love to play Purble Place game. If you upgrade to Windows 10, Windows games including Purble Place are missing. Fortunately, Windows 8 and Windows 10 users can download Purble Place and play on Win10 free.

I can understand the that it is reasonable Microsoft expects Windows 10 users to download games like Purble Place, Mahjong Titans, Minesweeper, FreeCell, Hearts, Spider Solitaire, etc from its Store just as any other apps. But what I can't find the reason behind is that, Purble Place game is not available on Windows Store for kids who love to play this lovely cute game. Just like children who want to play Purble Place game on Windows XP, for children who want the Purble Place game on Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers they have to download Purble Place game from developers' releases who modify the original game for other operating systems.

Download Purble Place for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Important Note: If you installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update on your Windows 10 running PC, please note that previously available Windows games download packs will not work. For Windows 10 Anniversary Update applied computers, Win10 users should download below Windows 7 games setup package. This will enable players to continue playing Purble Place, FreeCell, Hearts, Mahjong Titans, Minesweeper, Chess Titans, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire and other classic Windows games on their PCs without internet connection.

Please use below Windows games download link for Windows 10 computers on which Windows 10 Anniversary Update is installed. If your Windows 10 has been upgraded to Version 1607 then this means you are already running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on your machine. To play Purble Place on Windows 10, you will require to download following Windows games setup pack created for Anniversary Update especially.

Download Purble Place for Windows 10 Anniversary Update:Win7Games4Win10_8_81_v2_[winaero.com]_1266.zip for Windows games pack for Windows 10

One last note. This Windows games pack installers is provided by winaero.com, thanks to them. During installation wizard you will see a checkbox indicating that you want to discover Winaero Tweaker. If you don't want this additional setup, you can simply clear the checkbox and continue installing the games.

Download Purble Place and other Windows Games for Windows 10

Important Note: If you have installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update please read previous section. Below download links are only valid for Windows 10 running PCs where the Anniversary Update is not yet applied from Windows Update.

To install Purble Place and other games including Mahjong Titans, FreeCell, Solitaire game and Minesweeper, etc on Windows 10 (or on Windows 8) PC, first download Windows 7 games package setup files in a compressed format from following URL:

Latest updated links for download Purble Place on Windows 10:Windows 7 games part1 for purbleplaceforwindows10.part1.rar andWindows 7 games part2 for purbleplaceforwindows10.part2.rar .

After you download the compressed .zip file named Windows-7-Games-For-Windows-8-and-10-Multilanguage-x86-x64.zip, extract it on your Windows 10 PC.

Uncompressed file folder includes following three files: Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe , info.txt , and languages.txt

Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe is the setup program for installing Windows 7 games on Windows 10 machine. The main Purble Place download or other games download like FreeCell, Solitarie, etc is this executable file. After we check the text files, we will continue classic Windows games setup by running this installation file.

Win10 user can find the list of Microsoft Windows games list which we were used to see with previous Windows operating systems in info.txt file.

Windows games that are installed with this game pack download on Windows 10 can be listed as follows: I keep the Purble Place game at the first place, Then the Mahjong Titans game,Solitaire game, and the Spider Solitaire game as well, Classic Minesweeper game since the first release of Windows,FreeCell game,Hearts game, An other game Chess Titans for chess players, And the internet games including;Internet Backgammon,Internet Checkers,Internet Spades

Besides the names list of games that are shipped with this game pack for Windows 10, info file includes details about the languages of the games as well.

Also in the languages.txt file a list of 35 languages is displayed for the Windows 7 games on Windows 10

Install Purble Place and Other Windows Games on Windows 10

Let's start with installing Windows 7 games (also many was on Windows Vista) on your fresh installed or upgraded Windows 10 machine. This setup will install classic loved games like Purble Place, Mahjong Titans, Minesweeper, etc.

Run Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe

User Account Control message can be displayed for required permissions to install games on Windows 10. Press Yes to continue.

Select the installer language on the next step

The Windows 7 games setup wizard welcome screen will be launched automatically after the installer language is selected. This setup program will install Purble Place and other Windows games on Windows 10 PC where all these games are missing by default. Microsoft expects users to download games from its Store afterwards.

As I noted before, there are very nice and enjoyable Minesweeper games for Windows 8 or Windows 10, or there are numerous free downloadable Mahjong games on the market. Unfortunately, there is no Purble Place game for Windows 8 or Windows 10 to download and play for kids.

Press Next button to continue setup.

By default all games are checked to install on Windows 10. You can unmark games that you do not want to play on Windows 10.

Here are the games and other components that you can configure for setup.

Games Chess Titans FreeCell Hearts Mahjong Titans Minesweeper Purble Place Solitaire Spider SolitaireInternet Games Internet Backgammon Internet Checkers Internet SpadesStart Menu shortcutsCreate shotcuts in Games Explorer

There is a detail information here giving the total space required for all. The setup requires 154.4 MB disk space on your storage.

I recommend not to make any changes on this setup screen and continue installation process by pressing Next button.

Although the Windows 7 games installer screen enables the user to install games into different folders than the suggested file folder, since it might affect the success of the installed games keep the destination folder unchanged.

If you change the destination folder by pressing Browse and choosing an other one, the wizard will warn you not to alter the predefined installation folder.

Continue with Install button.

If every thing goes fine, the setup of Windows game Purble Place and other Windows 7 games will be successfully completed on Windows 10.

Click Next button and then Finish to end the setup.

I thank the developers who have prepared this Windows 7 games pack download and setup program; woot332, Tito, moderate and 653144 for their work.

Play Purble Place Games on Windows 10

After you download Purble Place setup file and install it on Windows 10 PC you are using as illustrated in previous steps, now you are ready to play Purble Place on your Windows 10 computer. Press Windows button to display Start menu. Then click on All apps

On alphabetical list, go to G. You will see Games and under Games node the list of all Microsoft Windows 7 games listed and installed on Windows 10.

By pressing any of these games, you can play it on Windows 10.

For example, play Purble Place game on Windows 10

Especially the girls love to play cake baking games. And Comfy Cakes is one of the most loved Purble Place. Kids can play it on Windows 10 after this setup. Here is my first cake from the Purble Place Comfy Cakes game.

Purble Pairs is an other cute game from the Purble Place game. It is a matching game where the children try to match cute Purble characters and their accessories.

And my favorite, Purble Shop game where you make logical guesses to find the Purble behind the curtain :) Purble Shop game is a cute version of Master Mind games.

Keep playing Purble Place game on Windows 10 just like you can now play the other Windows 7 games missing on your new Windows 10 computer.


Устанавливаем стандартные игры для Windows 10

Большинство пользователей перешли на обновлённую версию Windows 10. Но к сожалению, разработчики убрали из последней версии Windows стандартные игры. Зачем это сделали? Дать чёткий ответ не может никто, кроме самих разработчиков. А ведь в эти игры играли не только во времена дорогого интернета, в них играют и сегодня. Давайте вместе вернём стандартные игры для Windows 10.

Где скачать стандартные игры для Windows 10

В Windows 10 присутствует вшитое приложение Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

В него входят некоторые пасьянсы:

  • Паук (Spider)
  • Косынка (Klondike)
  • Свободная ячейка (Free Cell)

Если вы ищите именно эти игры, то вам нет необходимости устанавливать остальные. Найти пасьянсы можно в списке всех приложений.

Для запуска стандартных игр из Windows 7 в Windows 10, необходимо их загрузить на компьютер.

Чтобы скачать игры Windows 7 для Windows 10, которые были в «Семёрке», перейдите на сайт. Кликните по ссылке «Download Windows 7 games for Windows 10», после чего начнётся скачивание игр, в архиве.

В этот сборник входят 11 игр:

  • Шахматы
  • Маджонг
  • Purble Place
  • Интернет-Нарды
  • Интернет-Пики
  • Интернет-Шашки
  • Solitaire Косынка
  • SpiderSolitaire Паук
  • Minesweeper Сапёр
  • FreeCell Солитер
  • Hearts Червы

Не забывайте, что подобные архивы, скаченные не с официальных сайтов, необходимо всегда проверять антивирусом. Это необходимо делать для безопасности ваших данных и предотвращения попадания на ПК различных вирусов.

Устанавливаем игры Windows 7 для Windows 10

Процесс установки стандартных игр ничем не отличается от установки других программ. Распакуйте архив и запустите файл Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe. Выберите язык(в некоторых случаях установщик автоматически выбирает язык) и нажмите «Далее», в следующем окне снова нажмите «Далее».

В этом окне отображается список всех доступных игр. Выберите игры, которые вы хотели бы установить в новой операционной системе.

В следующем окне жмём «Установить», для начала установки.

Дожидаемся её окончания.

После окончания установки жмите «Готово».

В меню «Пуск» перейдите в раздел «Игры». В списке вы увидите все игры, которые выбрали при установке.

Вот и всё, на вашем компьютере установлены стандартные игры Windows 7 для Windows 10!

Игры – не единственное, что исчезло в Windows 10. Мы уверенны, что вы заметили пропажу гаджетов. Гаджеты – это очень удобные дополнения, позволяющие получать быстрый доступ к необходимым инструментам. Как вернуть их читайте в статье Устанавливаем гаджеты для Windows 10.

Остались вопросы? Задавайте в комментариях ниже!


Purble Place скачать через торрент

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Purble Place

Жанр: головоломкаРазработчик: Microsoft CorporationИздательство: Microsoft CorporationПлатформа: Windows XPСистемные требования: Windows Vista, адаптирована под XPТип издания: лицензияЯзык интерфейса: только английскийТаблэтка: Не требуетсяОписание: Purble Place подойдет учащимся начальных школ, которые увлекаются головоломками, мозаиками и играми на удаление схожих элементов. Игра состоит из 3 мини-игр: Purble Pairs, Comfy Cakes и Purble Shop, которые все объединены дружелюбным интерфейсом Purble.

Purble Pairs - обычная игра на развитие памяти, в которой нужно передвигать таблички так, чтобы они совпадали. В игре также предусмотрены трюки со специальными табличками, которые изменяют раскладку или дают бонус при совпадении. Можно получить специальный символ "sneak peek", который позволяет на несколько секунд взглянуть на все таблички на столе.

Comfy Cakes – игрок попадает на линию интенсивного производства тортов, в случае неудачи с тортом, последует наказание от Purble и будет предложено повторить попытку. Проиграете три раза – закончите игру, за бесполезную трату ингредиентов.

Purble Shop это головоломка, где нужно угадать как выгладит спрятанный Purble. Нужно подобрать глаза, нос и рот, чтобы выиграть.

Игра работает под ОС Windows XP при помощи эмулятора Vista.Emulation.dll. Его нужно скопировать в папку WINDOWS\System32, иначе игра работать не будет. После первого запуска игры в меню Пуск появится ярлык Vista Games. Файл эмулятора в архиве Vista.Emulation

Скачать Purble Place через торрент http://i015.radikal.ru/0911/59/4586929a59d7.jpg Скачать фильм Purble Placeчерез торрент бесплантно в хорошем качестве Описание: Purble Place подойдет учащимся начальных школ, которые увлекаются головоломками, мозаиками и играми на удаление схожих ... 2009-11-29 12:48 9.5 10 4



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Комментировать посты могут только пользователи прошедшие не сложную регистрацию

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Вы не можете начинать темыВы не можете отвечать на сообщенияВы не можете редактировать свои сообщенияВы не можете удалять свои сообщенияВы не можете голосовать в опросахВы не можете прикреплять файлы к сообщениямВы можете скачивать файлы


Как вернуть старые игры в Windows 10

Как вернуть стандартные игры в Windows 10? Можно ли вернуть стандартные игры в Windows 8? Как вернуть игры в Windows 8.1? Такие или подобные вопросы задавали себе любители стандартных игр, которые были встроены в операционную систему Windows 7, когда обнаружили, что в новой операционной системе Windows 10 (Windows 8.1 или Windows 8) многих привычных игр почему-то нет.

Корпорация Майкрософт по неизвестным причинам, удалила старые стандартные игры из состава операционной системы. Часть старых игр доступна из Магазина Windows, но это уже переработанные игры, с новым интерфейсом. Некоторых стандартных игр в магазине нет. В Windows 10 присутствует игра Microsoft Solitaire Collection (пасьянсы: косынка, паук, солитер), с современным интерфейсом, который больше приспособлен для игры на сенсорных экранах.

Неужели теперь нельзя будет поиграть в полюбившиеся игры? Любителям поиграть в старые игры, сообщаю, что существует возможность установки стандартных игр Windows 7 в новую операционную систему.

Как установить старые игры из Windows 7 на Windows 10 (Windows 8.1 или Windows 8)? Для установки игр понадобится установочный файл Windows 7 Games for Windows 8 and Windows 10, в котором собраны стандартные игры из операционной системы Windows 7.

В состав сборки входит 11 игр, которые будут установлены на компьютер, работающий в операционных системах Windows 10, Windows 8.1, или Windows 8. Можно будет скачать все, или по отдельности следующие игры:

  • Chess Titans (Шахматы)
  • Mahjong Titans (Маджонг)
  • Purble Place
  • Internet Backgammon (Интернет-Нарды)
  • Internet Spades (Интернет-Пики)
  • Internet Checkers (Интернет-Шашки)
  • Solitaire (Косынка)
  • SpiderSolitaire (Паук)
  • Minesweeper (Сапер)
  • FreeCell (Солитер)
  • Hearts (Червы)

Сначала необходимо скачать стандартные игры для Windows 7, которые упакованы в архив, по ссылке, которая находится ниже.

скачать стандартные игры для windows 7

Далее распакуйте скачанный архив на компьютере. Затем откройте папку, а потом запустите установку, кликнув два раза по файлу Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe.

Установка Windows 7 Games for Windows 8 and Windows 10

Установщик Windows 7 Games for Windows 8 and Windows 10 по умолчанию выберет язык операционной системы (в нашем случае русский язык).

В первом окне мастера установки нажмите на кнопку «Далее».

В следующем окне выберите компоненты устанавливаемой программы. По умолчанию, активированы все пункты, это значит, что на компьютер будут установлены все 11 игр. Если вы хотите установить только некоторые игры из этой коллекции, то снимите флажки напротив тех игр, устанавливать которые вы не желаете.

После сделанного выбора, нажмите на кнопку «Далее».

В окне «Выбор папки установки» нажмите на кнопку «Установить», потому что поменять папку установки нельзя.

Затем начнется установка программы на компьютер. После завершения установки нажмите на кнопку «Далее».

В завершающем окне мастера установки Windows 7 Games for Windows 8 and Windows 10 нажмите на кнопку «Готово».

Стандартные игры установлены на компьютер. Теперь вы можете играть в старые игры в Windows 10, Windows 8.1, или Windows 8.

Войдите в меню «Пуск», кликните по «Все программы», в списке программ найдите папку «Games» (Игры). Войдите в папку, здесь вы обнаружите стандартные игры из Windows 7.

Запускать игры можно непосредственно из меню «Пуск».

Как добавить ярлык игры на Рабочий стол

Я думаю, что многим будет удобно запускать полюбившиеся игры непосредственно с Рабочего стола. Поэтому я расскажу, как можно добавить ярлык игры на Рабочий стол в Windows 10.

Войдите в меню «Пуск», нажмите на кнопку «Все приложения», откройте папку «Игры», а затем кликните правой кнопкой мыши по любой игре. В контекстном меню выберите сначала пункт «Дополнительно», а потом «Перейти к расположению файла».

После этого откроется папка, в которой находятся ярлыки всех стандартных игр, которые были установлены на компьютер.

Скопируйте на Рабочий стол ярлыки игр, которые вы хотите запускать непосредственно с Рабочего стола.

Теперь вы можете запустить старую игру (например игру «Паук») с ярлыка на Рабочем столе в Windows 10 или Windows 8.


Вы можете скачать стандартные игры для Windows 7 на компьютер, для того чтобы вернуть стандартные классические игры в Windows 10, Windows 8.1, или Windows 8. После установки на компьютер сборки с играми, вы можете играть в старые игры из Windows 7 в новой операционной системе.

Как вернуть стандартные игры в Windows 10 (видео)

Прочитайте похожие статьи:


запускаем стандартные игры из Windows 7

В новой операционной системе Windows 10, впрочем, как и в Windows 8/8.1, вы уже не найдёте стандартного набора игр (Сапёр, Косынка, Солитёр и др.), включённого по умолчанию в штатный перечень приложений Windows 7, теперь пользователям предлагается получать и устанавливать большинство приложений, включая игры, посредством Магазина Microsoft. Однако, существует простой способ, в обход Магазина, играть в Косынку, Сапёр и другие штатные игры на Windows 10.

Как играть в стандартные игры на Windows 10

Для запуска «Паука», «Солитёра», «Косынки» и др. на Windows 10 (актуально и для «восьмёрки») достаточно скачать и установить специальную программу – «Windows 7 games for Windows 8 and 10» (прямая ссылка на загрузку в конце статьи, размер файла – 170 МБ). Прелесть данной программы в том, что она включает только оригинальные файлы из Windows 7, а, следовательно, попросту добавляет возможность запуска штатных игр в Windows 10, таким же образом, как и в Windows 7.

Вкратце рассмотрим процесс установки.

Итак, скачиваем программу, и запускаем процесс инсталляции. На первом этапе выбираем язык интерфейса (поддерживается 35 языков, включая русский и украинский).

Нажимаем «Далее».

Выбираем, те игры, которые необходимы, и жмём далее.

Папка установки. Путь по умолчанию менять не рекомендуется, т.к. тогда игры могут работать не корректно.

Завершение мастера установки, кнопка «Готово».

На этом всё, мы получаем набор стандартных игр Windows, ставших уже классикой: Солитёр, Червы, Паук, Косынка, Chess Titans (Шахматы), Purble Place, Mahjong Titans, интернет-игры (Нарды, Пики, Шашки).

Кстати, перезагрузка компьютера не требуется, можно сразу играть.


Free Download Purble Place for Windows XP and How to Play Purble Place Vista Game

What is Purble Place

Purble Place is a bundle of three mini educational and fun games included with every Windows Vista edition and Windows 7 edition. These three games included in Purble Place are Comfy Cakes, Purble Pairs, and Purble Shop. These sub-games taking place in Purble Place will help children to improve their mind and remembering, learn colors, shapes, and patterns and solve simple problems in logical ways and methods like eliminations while they are entertaining and having fun with lovely Purble Place game characters. Parents can encourage their children to play Purble Place in order to train children with skills in memory, model recognition and matching, logical thinking for a solution to problems.

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista owners the Vista Games, or Win7 games as well as Purble Place are ready to play on the other hand if you are working with Windows XP, you have to download Purble Place.

Actually Purble Place is as the name implies the place where the lovely Purbles live and play games :) I liked the term Purble. Purbles are sweet little game characters especially created for pre-school children. The Purble Place looks like a small green town.

Purble Place Vista Game on Windows 7

First of all, you can reach to Windows 7 Games by following the menu option selecting on the Start Menu of Windows 7: All Programs - Games. Windows Vista user will also follow the same menu Start > All Programs > Games menu selections for Windows Vista games list which contains Purble Place.

If Windows Games are not installed and are not present on your Vista computer or on your Windows 7 PC, you can install all Windows games available with every Vista edition or Windows 7 edition by turning on the Games Windows feature from the Programs and Features management control menu. Just go to Start, then Control Panel, and then open the Programs and Features screen on the left. Drill down the list for the Games option. Click on the (+) sign to turn windows features on or off. You can install all the games default distributed and available with every Windows 7 edition by selecting all games. Or you can only select the check mark beside the Purble Place to install or activate only this game on your Win7 computer Purble Place to install or activate only this game on your Windows 7 computer.

It is notable that Purble Place is designed and created for starting with Microsoft Windows Vista editions and later Windows 7 editions. I'm sure that this lovely game will be one of the default Windows 8 games in the next generation operating system from Microsoft. Please keep in mind that the above activation or installation method is valid only for Windows Vista or for Win7 and possible in Windows 8, but not for Windows XP. But since the game Purble Place is very loved by children and desired to be available and downloadable for the Windows XP computers, programmers have developed the emulations of the new Vista games and the Vista systems to work on Windows XP.

Purble Place for Windows 10

None of the Windows games released default with RTM editions of Windows versions is included in Windows 10. Just like Windows 8, users had to download Windows Vista games (or Windows 7 games) as a different unofficial games pack and install on their PCs. Please check Download Purble Place and Play on Windows 10 for installer files for lovely games of Windows 7.

Purble Place on Windows 8

Microsoft did include its classing Windows games in Windows 8.Unfortunately Purble Place is not installed on Windows 8 too. But with some modification, you can copy Purble Place game files from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Please read the article Install and Play Purble Place Game on Windows 8 if you want Purble Place on your brand new Windows 8 running PC.

Purble Place Download Links for Windows XP

Hello, unfortunately as far as I could follow all setup programs placed on download sites are expired or removed. Below, I copied down previous available Purble Place download links for Windows XP computers : http://rapidshare.com/files/100682525/VistaGames-LG.part1.rar as Vista Games for WinXP Part 1 (65.9 MB) http://rapidshare.com/files/100689444/VistaGames-LG.part2.rar as Vista Games for WinXP Part 2 (64.2 MB)

As an alternative download link for Vista games on WinXP, you could try the following link http://www.filefactory.com/file/6a3f11/ as VistaGames-LG.zip (128 MB)

Please note that the following game download links are not working for a long tme any more. Please use the above download links for Windows 8 or Windows 10 for the recent updated versions.

There are two download links where you can free download Purble Place and play Purble Place as well as the other new Vista games.

For the Purble Place free download link go to the following online resources and file share and download sites:




I have gathered these installation files and the Vista.Emulation.DLL file from the following blog owners. It is interesting that both are sharing the same post :) and the download links for new games. Thanks both of them since Purble Place game is a new nice and lovely game which children are getting crazy to play.

Jonathan Wilson's Blog

Mr. Anderson's Blog at http://rakshits.wordpress.com/2007/06/23/windows-vista-games-for-xp-update/

How to install, configure and run Purble Place and Vista Games on Windows XP

So, first of all you should download the emulated game installation packs from the shared download links.

Unzipping or unpacking the files using a WinZip or WinRAR program. After you have unzipped the files, run the Purble Place.exe file. This will make an installation for Purble Place game at folder "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Purble Place" on your WinXP computer. This will create Vista Games program menu on the Start menu. But before running the Purble Place on Windows XP computer there is still one more task to be completed. This task or the last step before playing the Purble Place is copying the emulator dll named Vista.Emulation.dll into the system32 system folder which resides at C:\WINDOWS\system32 or C:\WINNT\system32

Now you are ready to play Purple Place or the other Windows 7 or Vista Games, Minesweeper, FreeCell, Hearts, Inkball, Shanghi, Solitaire, and the Spider Solitaire on your WinXP computer and have fun these new games.

How to Play Purble Place

When you start and run the Purble Place, a startup splash screen will welcome children players. The three games can be reached from this splash screen. You can start the Purble Pairs by clicking on the school bus which will be activated when you move your mouse over. Comfy Cakes game for children which is the most played game among all three can be started by clicking on the bakery in the middle of the screen. As similar to other two child games, Purble Shop Vista game can be played by clicking on the store on the right of the splash screen of the Purble Place. You can play any of these three games from this visual menu screen or use the menu on the top of the game screen.

Although we generally think that these games or the Purble Place is fun and educational for children, you can alter and increase the difficultly levels from beginner to difficult levels and make any of these Purble Place games challenging for parents also. Especially, the Purble Shop with increased difficulty levels requires a high logic processing for solving the Purble Shop puzzles.

Purble Pairs

One of the Purble Place games first included in Windows Vista and later in Windows 7 is the Purble Pairs. Purble Pairs is actually another software version of the classic memory game where players are trying to find matching pairs. You just select a tile and click another to find the missing matching tile. If you make a pair, they are removed from the screen. The aim of the Purble Pairs is to remove all the tiles from the screen by pairing all the tiles or the cards. This is a very basic game with its concept and applications. But I found it very useful for a child's educational improvements. Because you have to build a strategy to remember the cards you have opened earlier, and at least try not to re-open a card before its pair is opened on the board. I know it is easy for you but believe me not for a 5 years old child.

Comfy Cakes

Comfy Cakes cooking game is another children game included in Purble Place Windows 7 game pack. I can easily say that Comfy Cakes is the favorite game for elementary-school aged  children among all three Purble games. Your child plays the role of a bakery Purble character whose purpose in the game is to complete the given orders correctly on a cake production line. The orders for cakes are displayed on the screen for the player. The bakery children are supposed to select the matching cake pan, batter and cake icing, etc. to make exactly the ordered cake to get points. If you fail, an angry Chief Purble bakery will show up on the screen.

I believe that Purble Place Comfy Cakes bakery game is one of the favorite cooking games for girls.

Purble Shop

Purble Shop is my favorite game among the Purble Place games. Although the Purble Shop just like the other Purble Place games looks like a child game you can turn it to a challenging mind game for yourself also. Just like the other Purble Place games you can configure the difficulty level for the Purble Shop also. Actually the concept of the game Purble Shop is not new. I remember I played it when I was a child. It was called Mastermind game. Then it was as finding the 5 stick with right colors and the right available places.

When the Mastermind concept is applied to Purble Shop for children to play, the purpose seems to guess the right colors of features (hair, nose, mouth, accessories, etc.) of a lovely Purble character. And when you are finished the Purble game character that is hiding behind a curtain will surprise you.

When you make guesses about the characteristics of the Purble behind the curtain, you get clues about your guesses. For example, you find 2 of the features right with their colors right also. And one more cue, you find only 1 color but on a wrong feature. You have to eliminate among colors and features of the Purble and try to find out the correct ones.

So you try to find all the features with right colors to finish the round and figure out how the hidden Purble behind the curtain looks like using the clues gathering after each guess you do.

Last Note for Windows 7 Multi-Touch Screen users: If you are planning to buy a multi-touch PC (all-in-one PC) or to buy a touchscreen monitor for your Windows 7 system, then I believe kids will love playing Purble Place using their fingertips and touch gestures instead of using mouse controls.


Install and Play Purble Place Game on Windows 8

Windows 8 does not install Purble Place game which children love to play on Windows 7 and on Windows Vista. Fortunately, you can install Purble Place on Windows 8 and play Purble Place game on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 computers too. Please follow below instructions that makes Purble Place game available to Win 8 users. If you have already a Windows 7 computer, instructions will show you how to copy Purble Place from Windows 7 and complete setup on Windows 8 before you start to play Purble Place on Win8 PC.

An other option is using the direct download Purble Place for Windows 8 links

Download Purble Place Game for Windows 8

Following download of Purble Place game is taken from Windows 7 operating system, you can download and install it on a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 PC.

Here is the most recent updated links to download Purble Place on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1:Windows 7 games part1 for purbleplaceforwindows10.part1.rar andWindows 7 games part2 for purbleplaceforwindows10.part2.rar Total download size is around 170 MB. Please scan the downloaded files using a software security tool for your own system safety to prevent undesired problems.

After you download Purble Place for Windows 8 setup, please follow the instructions given at Download Purble Place and Play on Windows 10 for completing the installation.

An other option is to install Purble Place game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 32-bit computers.Purble Place game download for PurblePlace-Windows8-X86.rar and follow the below setup instructions explained in the following section.

Install Purble Place on Windows 8

64-bit setup

If you have downloaded Purble Place from 64-bit Windows 7 computer (or related download package PurblePlace-Windows8-X64.rar), first of all open Windows 8 installation drive using File Explorer.

If Win8 is installed on C drive, go to "C:\Program Files" folder. By default "Microsoft Games" folder does not exist. Create a new folder and name it as "Microsoft Games". Extract compressed zipped file PurblePlace-Windows8-X64.rar using the password "purbleplace" on Desktop Then move "Purble Place" folder and its all content under "Microsoft Games" folder. Now double click on PurblePlace.exe file and start to play Purble Place on Windows 8 :)

Current 64-bit download has localization support for English, German and Turkish at the moment.

32-bit setup

If you own a 32-bit Windows 8 running PC, you should have downloaded the setup file PurblePlace-Windows8-X86.rar. Extract the .rar file on desktop. When you are asked for the rar file password please use "purbleplace" A new folder titled as "Purble Place" with Purble Place game binaries will be created. Open Windows Explorer and go to Windows 8 installation drive. Then go to "Program Files" folder. If "Microsoft Games" folder does not exist, create a new file folder and name it as "Microsoft Games" Now you can move the "Purble Place" folder into "Microsoft Games" folder. You can now launch the Windows 7 Purble Place game on Windows 8.

Current 32-bit download has localization support only for English right now.

Purble Place Game: Short History

Just a short note on Purble Place, I realized that many of us or at least children of us are loving Purbles and live the fun of playing Place Place game on Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows's previous version Windows Vista. Since the first appearance of Purble Place with Windows Vista, this game is loved very much among kids.

Parents, relax and do not worry about your kids because they are playing Purble Place. Purble Place is an entertaining and also an educational game for children with especially the Purble Pairs and Purble Shop games. Purble Pairs is a matching pairs memory game. Your kids will be matching pairs of tiles (actually lovely images of Purbles and accessories) while improving their memory skills and concentration beyond. Purble Shop is infact a version of Master Mind game which requires intelligent players especially for high difficulty levels. Comfy Cakes is a cake baking game which is the most fun game among Purble Place game for girls.

How to Play Purble Place

For details on how to play Purble Place game, please read my previous post about this marvellous game Purble Place. The game review article has a section for how to play Purple Place games.


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