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Wattpad for PC Free Download on Windows (8.1/8/10/7) Laptop

Hi guys, today I am going to share an amazing Wattpad for PC. In this article I will let you know how to download Wattpad Apk for PC/Laptop and the process to download & install Wattpad app for your PC on windows 8.1, windows 8, and windows 10/8 by using Bluestacks emualator. Now you are on this page that means, you are searching for best app to download, read and to know latest updates, and reviews of the popular eBooks. Friends before going to installing process, let me explain you brief idea about Wattpad (why Wattpad, what is Wattpad, how to use Wattpad for PC on windows).

First let me explain you what is Wattpad? Wattpad is an amazing app (Free books – Wattpad) that allows you to read and download thousands and millions of dissimilar books on your own devises like Smartphone’s, Tablets. Friends don’t disappoint, you can also use this app in your personal computers, because day by day this free books wattpad app is getting more searches from PC users. For that concern hare I am going to share this article for all PC users, on the purpose of how to Free Download Books using Wattpad app & how to use and install Wattpad for (para) PC on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10/7 Computer.

Download Wattpad for PC on Windows Laptop

Wattpad app comes with an e-Library that includes millions of free Stories, books and novels which was written by aspiring publishers. You can search any stories, topics and books and anything you can think. You can follow the topics as they written, also connect with authors, readers and interact with them & you can leave your comments on their topics.

If you like any topic or book which you had read then you can save to your library thereafter you can share that topic with your friends. If you are a story writer or any article writer then share your thoughts with your Wattpad group friends. Now I will show you the process to free download Wattpad  app for PC on windows system. Guys please follow the below simple steps. Enjoy Free Movies Online: Mobdro for Laptop, Mobdro for iPad

Friends now I will show you how you can download Wattpad free book app and Wattpad.apk android app for windows PC. Guys you can download this app in two methods.

  1. Apk file method.
  2. You can download Wattpad app for PC from installed Android emulator.

Now I will guide you to download and install this app using both above shown methods one by one in details. You can approach any one method.

Download Wattpad Apk for PC in windows Laptop Free

Method 1: In this method first you have to download Wattpad APK file.

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Wattpad App for PC Free Download on Windows (8.1*10*7*8)

Method 2: in this method you can download Wattpad for PC from installed Bluestacks android emulator for PC.

Features of Wattpad App Download for pc

Guys till now I have shown you the process to download and install this amazing wattpad app, now let’s see some admiring features of Wattpad para PC on windows 7/10/8.1/8

I hope this article would be helpful for you guys to download Wattpad for PC, Wattpad para PC on windows 8.1-8-10-7 OS and to install Wattpad 4.24 apk using Bluestacks app player. If you have any queries, suggestions regarding to this tutorial then don’t forget to leave your precious comment in the below shown comment box. Stay with us for more updates related to Androis apps for PC, PC and Windows solutions.

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скачать wattpad beta бесплатно (android)

скачать wattpad beta бесплатно (android)

Пользователи, скачавшие Wattpad Beta, также скачивали

Самый простой и дешевый способ чатиться с друзьями


Лучшее место для покупки фильмов, музыки и приложений для Android

8.2.56.T-all [0] [FP] 170066809

Уничтожьте ваших врагов и приведите ваш клан к победе


Простейший способ загрузить YouTube видео на ваш Android


Потрясающие битвы в феодальной Японии


Используйте два телефонных номера с WhatsApp


Бесплатные видеозвонки с вашего телефона Android

Простой и быстрый браузер

Очень нужное приложение, которое поможет в обновлении приложений

11.5.09 (034-164803921)

Король мобильной фотографии теперь доступен на Android

Миллионы бесплатных книг в вашем устройстве Android


Устанавливайте последние обновления для Wattpad Beta с помощью приложения Uptodown


Сейчас мы проводим техническое обслуживание сайта Uptodown. Мы скоро вернемся!.

Wattpad -

Wattpad is all about user-generated content. We are the first company to create a platform to discover, read and share text-based content on mobile phones. Wattpad is poised to become the "mobile YouTube for text-based content".

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Download Wattpad for PC, Laptop on windows 7 8 10 & Mac

Wattpad for PC : Hi Guys, I’m back with wattpad app download guide for windows and mac. If you’re Fed up with carrying all those heavy books and stationery with you all the time? Then you dropped at the right place. This download guide is for all those Hi-tech Book Bucks and passionate Writers who can’t carry books and related stuff with them all the time.

Download Wattpad for PC, Laptop on windows 7 8 10 & Mac :

Wattpad is a unique app in the world of applications with a creative idea which gives the unknown, new and published writers, a chance to show up their talent to the world. Strategically, for an aspiring writer it can be the best way to create market for him/her in the writer stream across the whole world. One may not carry books and papers all the time to write and may an idea can strike one’s mind at any moment.

In such cases, this app helps its users to write whatever thoughts they get, anywhere and everywhere. Till now, after its launch in 2006, there are about 2 million writers in the wattapp world who regularly share their writings and there are 35 million unique visitors every month. One can read others content, learn about writing skills and share their views with other writers. Not just that, writers can take up writing contests also within the app and let their talent visible to millions. There is a facility to choose different genres in the search bar available in the app so that one can easily find the related content out of millions.

This useful and amazing app is available for Android and iOS users at absolutely free of cost. All that one has to do is to download the app on mobile devices and create one’s own profile by registering themselves. Today, we are here to learn how to download this app on computers and facilitate wattpad users a stress-free reading and writing on the larger screens.

Download Wattpad for PC with Bluestacks:

As already told, this application is available only for Android and iOS device users officially at free of cost. There is no official version of this application available for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. But, there is a way to make this possible unofficially using emulating tool. Emulators are the bridging platforms that make one’s PC compatible with almost all the Android applications.

There are a number of emulating tools available like Bluestacks, Youwave and Andyroid for free of cost and with amazing features. Here, let us learn the process of downloading this app on PC using Bluestacks Android emulator as it is popularly known and widely used for its amazing features. Now, follow the set of instructions given below to download the app on PC.

For you: Download Whatsapp Plus APK

Steps to Download Wattpad for PC and Laptop :

This is the simple process to download the app on PC. Now, it’s your turn to follow this guide, install the app on your PC and experience stress-free reading. Share this useful guide with your peers and let them too download this useful app. Give your valuable feedback and suggestions on this guide by posting a comment in the comment bar below.[kkstarratings]



Windows Commander

Norton Commander
Dos Navigator
Servant Salamander
Turbo Browser

Winamp, Skins, Plugins
Необходимые Утилиты
Текстовые редакторы

File managers and best utilites

Wattpad скачать бесплатно на windows

Wattpad – скачать бесплатно | Скачать Wattpad (Ватпад) на русском языке

Wattpad – уникальное приложение для устройств, работающих на базе ОС Android. Оно дает доступ к большой библиотеке книг разных жанров и направлений, среди которых любой пользователь сможет найти произведение на свой вкус. В программе можно делиться впечатлениями и комментариями к литературе с писателями и другими пользователями.

Скачать Wattpad для Android

Версия: 04.2017. Загрузок: 28. Скачать Еще версии программы


  • доступ к более 10 млн. бесплатных книг;
  • функция поиска интересующей литературы;
  • предоставление краткого описания произведения и отображение сведений об авторе;
  • добавление тех или иных книг в собственную библиотеку для быстрого доступа к ним в дальнейшем;
  • удобная навигация по тексту с плавным автоскролингом;
  • настройки цвета и фона текста, размера шрифта;
  • голосование за понравившиеся произведения;
  • комфортное чтение во встроенном ридере;
  • ведение заметок в виртуальном дневнике;
  • подписка на новые поступления.

Плюсы и минусы


  • бесплатность;
  • русскоязычное меню;
  • возможность переписываться с авторами книг;
  • настройка оптимального режима чтения;
  • удобная система поиска;
  • загрузка книг на разных языках мира;
  • сохранение открытых книг в истории.


  • некорректное отображение текста в некоторых книгах.

Похожие приложения

Calibre. Бесплатное приложение, которое дает возможность организовывать библиотеку электронных книг. В нем можно конвертировать файлы в удобные форматы, менять шрифт, расположение страниц, выбирать структуру и вариант отображения содержания книги. Позволяет добавлять книги в закладки, искать и скачивать нужную литературу в сети, экспортировать файлы на разные мобильные устройства.

Balabolka. Бесплатная функциональная утилита для чтения текстовых файлов. Умеет читать содержимое буфера обмена вслух, произносить текст, который набирается на клавиатуре, менять тембр и скорость речи. В ней возможна проверка орфографии, редактирование настроек цвета и шрифта, простое управление процессом чтения с помощью сочетаний клавиш.

Принципы работы

В главном окне вы увидите три основных кнопки для управления и выпадающее меню. С помощью меню можно переходить в собственную библиотеку или проводник по книгам, продолжать чтение последнего произведения и т. д.

Первая кнопка нужна для синхронизации, вторая – для изменения вида отображения книг, третья – для открытия дополнительного меню, в котором есть функции сортировки, очистки библиотеки, а также настройки. Чтобы загрузить новый файл, необходимо нажать на надпись, расположенную ниже меню и кнопок, – «Download more».

В проводнике книги разделены по категориям. В каждой категории предусмотрена сортировка по определенным параметрам (популярность, новинки и др.), что упрощает поиск.

Чтобы начать чтение книги, нужно нажать на нее и дождаться завершения загрузки. Для удобства чтения можно перейти в настройки и выставить стиль шрифта, ориентацию экрана, режим, размер текста.

Wattpad – отличное приложение для смартфонов и планшетов, которое предоставляет возможность бесплатного прочтения самых популярных произведений мировой литературы.

Wattpad for PC Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP & Mac Free Download

Wattpad for PC:  Do you love reading books and stories? Then I have an amazing free app called Wattpad for Android which is available only on android mobile phones. You will find free stories and books written and published by aspiring authors. If you wish to download and use Wattpad for Windows then I would tell you how to download and install Wattpad App for Laptop/PC. This app gets updated for new chapters and you can get connected with writers and even readers by commenting and discussing on stories or the new twists. Trending on

Wattpad searches the popular geners and topics which you like to read. Save the stories to library and share it your friends. You can even write your own stories and share your writing. This is not officially available for Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows xp/7. Follow the steps on how to download Wattpad for PC on Windows 8/10/8.1/7/xp/vista 32 bit, 64 bit & Mac OS X Computer/Laptops to edit photos on your laptop or computer too.

Download Wattpad for PC on Windows/Mac Laptop Free

This app allows you to download stories and books on app and enjoy reading offline. Follow this and you would be able to download and install this app on PC/Laptop. Sync all your stories and books with tablet, phone and computer. You have a choice to choose from romance, non- fiction, mystery, short stories and many more. Find stories from new reading lists and book clubs. Now you can enjoy free movies, TV Channels on your computer using Mobdro Online TV, Download Mobdro App for PC, UK TV Now for Computer.

Features of Wattpad for PC/Laptop

  • Save the stories and books for you to read offline anytime.
  • Follow the story with newsfeed of updates and stay connected and comments from friends.
  • Write your own stories with supportive Wattpad community and share it with friends.
  • Sync all your stories and e-book.
  • Personalize the stories to read.
  • Search popular geners and topics and find any story you imagine.
  • Connect with writers and other readers.

How to Download Wattpad for Windows 8.1/10/8/7/xp/vista & Mac Computer?

Wattpad on Computer free to download and use it on your PC or laptop, but this application is not officially available for Windows 8.1/8/10/7/xp 32/64 bit or Mac computer. Follow these steps for downloading the free app. You can easily download Wattpad for Windows PC and Wattpad for Mac OS and enjoy the free app which is completely free download Wattpad for PC.

For running Android applications on your computer or laptop you need an Android emulator. There are many Android emulators available in web and can be downloaded for free. If you don’t have Nox App then you can download it from the link provided. Other android emulators are Bluestacks App Player, YouWave, Nox App Player, Andyroid and many more. I am going to use Nox App player which is an android emulator and use Wattpad on your Computer/Laptop.

Install Wattpad on Windows 8/8.1/10/7/xp & Mac Computer

  • From the link provided you can download Nox App Player set up file or if you already have any Android emulator then go for step 4.
  • Download Nox App Player for Desktop
  • Open the downloaded set up file that is .exe file of Nox App Player.
  • Start the installation process and install on your computer.
  • Open the Nox App Player on your Computer.
  • Now see the Play Store in the Nox app player. Open the Play Store.
  • Find the Wattpad app by searching in the search box as shown in the below picture.

  • For installing the app click on “INSTALL”.
  • After clicking install a pop up opens asking for “ACCEPT”.
  • App gets automatically installed.
  • Now open the app and you need to sing in or sing up to enjoy reading.

Wattpad for PC Windows or Mac Laptop is installed and enjoy this app for reading. You can now see inline media in stories which you are reading. Support different languages to use app in the better way. You can search for stories and download or save it to enjoy the offline reading. Give your reviews and rate our app. That’s all for today! Hope you like this and if any queries then tell us.

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